Security concept. Surveillance CCTV Camera on the roof, closeup view

CCTV Installations and CCTV Repairs

A good CCTV system is an absolute must for nay home or business. It gives the ability to see what happening around your home or business with having to walk around or leave the safety of your home. It also gives you the ability to rewind and view any incidents that may have occurred with out your knowledge. This is especially handy where there is a cash till or any valuables being stored.

If you are looking to have a CCTV system installed then Vhukhudo Security Systems will gladly help. We cater for all applications and budgets, both domestically and for your business. We have a wide range of products that can be tailored for all your needs. We have many years of experience to help with CCTV repairs as well and can offer advice and service to upgrade your existing system. 

Want to know what’s going on at home or at work while your away? We offer all sorts of remote viewing options for your Smart phone or tablet. This enables you to see your CCTV feed from anywhere in the world (as long as there is a data connection). Very handy for travelling and those who spend many hours at work. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and ask us any questions you may have.